Room Description

Private cabin for four, fully equipped with AC, oven, coffee maker, stove, fridge, and kitchen utensils. You can enjoy preparing your meals in your private kitchenette or a delicious grilled BBQ.

The proximity to the beach will be determined by the booking order, we can’t ensure you’ll have the closest cabin to the beach unless you’ve contacted us via WhatsApp first to verify.

Check-in must be completed between 3 pm and 5 pm. If you are looking to arrive later than that you must confirm your arrival first via call or WhatsApp at +507 6973-7567 so we can notify our concierge and set up proper arrangements.

One private room with a queen size bed. 2 individual beds in the common area of the cabin. Terrace with round table and 4 chairs. We do not have a pool.
Stove & fridge. Coffee maker. Kitchen utensils. 4 plates & 4 cups.
FREE Wi-Fi. Cable TV. Shampoo & Towels.